Workato Integration Services

Workato, a Leader in the Gartner Enterprise iPaaS Report, is a new generation of Integration and AI-driven automation platform. It enables you to integrate the applications across the entire enterprise to automate the workflows empowering innovation across your business while ensuring security and governance. BSD Integration Services team has an extencive library of ready-to-use Workato recipes created to get you up and running with Workato automation in a few hours.

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  • Integration between eCommerce web-site and SAP via Workato (Validation, requests to RFCs)
  • Integration between Zuora and SAP via Workato
    • Invoices and Credit Memos transferring
    • Payment submission
  • Unidirectional integration between Zuora and Cognos via Workato (Reporting System)

  • Unidirectional integration between internal customer Third party system and SAP via Workato (Orders transferring)

  • Integration between SFTP location and SAP FTP location via Workato (POs and Invoices)

  • Integration between SFDC and SAP via Workato (Orders creation, Acknowledgments sending)
  • Integration between financial services (Wells Fargo) and SAP (Payments, Lockboxes, Acknowledgments) (with encryption/decryption)

  • Integration between Mail Box and SAP via Workato (Part of approval workflow)