ORACLE Products Migration Services

Reduce the complexity of your Cloud migration by using the experience of BSD Oracle experts to deliver a comprehensive mission-critical migration service.

Staring with the cloud migration cost analysis. Continued with Oracle applications SLAs requirements assessment for availability, DR, security, and IT change. Then infrastructure migration planning utilizing BSD Cloud Managed Services. After that, well planned Oracle migration with our highly-resilient migration service can bring significant cost savings also reducing the maintenance expenses.

What we do
  • Professional system analysis including Oracle performance audit;
  • The analysis of possible migration paths;
  • Detailed migration plan taking into account the requirements for technology, downtime and necessary system checks;
  • Drawing up test plans;
  • Conducting the migration of the production system with the subsequent commissioning of the system;
Description of work
  • Pre-migration analysis and choice of methods for optimal solution of the problem;
  • A study of the level of readiness of the system for migration;
  • Recommendations for the preparation of the Oracle system for migration actions;
  • Drawing up of a detailed plan, including the teams and the necessary actions to conduct the procedure;
  • Testing the migration procedure;
  • Update of results;
  • Rehearsal of Oracle cloud migration;
  • Migration of the production system;
  • Maintenance of the post-migration period;
  • Solving technical issues, including with the help of Oracle official support;
  • Quality control at all stages of work;
  • Accounting for the requirements of system downtime, methods and registration of migration procedures.