Oracle Exadata Support

What we offer
  • Professional system audit;
  • Identification of bottlenecks in the operation of Oracle Exadata;
  • Development and implementation of security policy;
  • Install the necessary updates (Patches);
  • Development and implementation of a backup policy;
  • Performance tuning according to Oracle recommendations and best world practices;
  • Building an architecture and configuring the target database configuration within Oracle Exadata;
  • Monitoring of supported systems for errors and fault tolerance.
Description of work
  • Installation of patches for all components of Exadata (Compute, Storage Cell, IB, etc.);
  • Load analysis and optimization, taking into account the features included in Exadata;
  • Develop recommendations for the application / process to improve performance / scalability;
  • Checking the current Exadata settings and developing recommendations based on experience and best practices;
  • Migration from Oracle DB to Exadata;
  • Sizing;
  • Analysis and optimization of DB performance taking into account the system configuration and Exadata technologies;
  • Detailed analysis of the existing system;
  • Integration of a monitoring system that can detect even the smallest problems in the system;
  • Tracking and identifying work problems, locks, performance of parallel and competing requests;
  • Creation of a copy of a productive system for configuring or updating test systems and systems for development;
  • Scaling of the system, in the conditions of current operation and the existing server capabilities of Oracle Exadata.