Oracle Database and Application Upgrades

What we do

In accordance with the latest recommendations and techniques developed by Oracle, BSD experts will draw up a detailed action plan, develop technical documentation and, based on the information gathered, will perform all necessary actions to switch to the required version of the product.

Description of work

Database Upgrade

  • Checking system requirements;
  • Analysis of installed updates;
  • Checking the source database for compliance with Oracle requirements and recommendations for upgrading;
  • Drawing up a detailed upgrade plan;
  • Develop a plan for testing and testing, as well as a plan for creating and replacing backup copies;
  • Checking DBMS-level parameters, setting the manufacturer’s recommended values;
  • Preparing the operating system;
  • Performing an immediate upgrade with minimizing downtime;
  • Install the latest updates to ensure a high level of security and performance;
  • Configuring and configuring the system according to customer requirements.
  • Priority technical support of the client at the testing stages and in the first weeks after the upgrade;

Application Upgrade

  • Verification of system requirements taking into account the specified maximum load;
  • Analysis of the current configuration and verification of used products;
  • Drawing up a detailed upgrade plan taking into account the policy of supporting Oracle products;
  • Optimization of the upgrade plan taking into account the experience of our experts and Oracle recommendations;
  • Develop a backup plan and switch in emergency situations;
  • Configuring the operating system to support the optimal load for both upgrading and day-to-day operations;
  • Updating the database to the required version, taking into account Oracle’s current recommendations on security and performance;
  • Use the current version of the Rapid Installer;
  • Updating of the technological stack, tools and libraries Oracle E-Business Suite;
  • Applying the latest updates to ensure optimal performance of the upgrade operation;
  • Upgrade the system, previously optimized in previous steps;
  • Analysis and implementation of online update technology;
  • Update to the current version of AD / TXK for further system updates in the fastest and most reliable way;
  • Upgrade to the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite;
  • Use of fresh certified components at the client level;
  • Configuring the updated system according to the requirements of the client.
  • Priority technical support of the client at the testing stages and in the first weeks after the upgrade;

Configure special configurations for Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Implementation of encryption protocols: SSL / TLS for Oracle E-Business Suite;
  • Configure Oracle E-Business Suite with load balancer;
  • Signing JAR files: creating requests for a certificate, implementing a certificate;
  • Configure parallel processing of background mode requests (PCPs) for RAC and non-RAC;
  • Configure the Single Sign-On (SSO) service for Oracle E-Business Suite;
  • Implementation of transparent encryption (TDE) technology Oracle Database E-Business Suite;
  • Implementation of Advanced Data Compression (ACO) technology at the Oracle E-Business Suite database level;
  • Creating and configuring hot standby bases (standby);