Migration of ORACLE products

What we do
  • Professional system analysis;
  • The analysis of possible migration paths;
  • Detailed migration plan taking into account the requirements for technology, downtime and necessary system checks;
  • Drawing up test plans;
  • Conducting the migration of the production system with the subsequent commissioning of the system;
Description of work
  • Pre-migration analysis and choice of methods for optimal solution of the problem;
  • A study of the level of readiness of the system for migration;
  • Recommendations for the preparation of the system for migration actions;
  • Drawing up of a detailed plan, including the teams and the necessary actions to conduct the procedure;
  • Testing the migration procedure;
  • Update of results;
  • Rehearsal of industrial migration;
  • Migration of the production system;
  • Maintenance of the post-migration period;
  • Solving technical issues, including with the help of Oracle’s official support;
  • Quality control at all stages of work;
  • Accounting for the requirements of system downtime, methods and registration of migration procedures.