DevOps Services

What we offer

Designing and implementing a fault-tolerant multi-tier cloud architecture for your
web applications, including based on cloud solutions AWS, Azure, GCP.

Automate the development, continuous assembly and testing, deployment, and delivery of applications using CI / CD tools (Jenkins / Bamboo / Codestar).

Implementing Configuration Management / Provisioning (Ansible / Chef / Puppet / Salt) to keep the server software environment up-to-date.

Documenting cloud infrastructure in the form of IaaC code using cloud tools (AWS Cloudformation / Azure Resource Manager) or cloud-independent (terraform), and developing application templates from scratch for rapid deployment in the shortest time.

Migrate services and application stacks to cloud environments, including database servers, applications, and other resources.

Implementation of monitoring solutions (Zabbix / Datadog, etc.) and collection of logs (ELK / Splunk) and their customization for the needs of the company, as well as further support.

We also provide auditing services for the development processes used in the company and the development of a road map for the implementation / optimization of DevOps practices and tools and the improvement of software development methodologies (Scrum / Agile)

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