Big Data Solutions

What is Big Data?

In today’s world, a large amount of data and information is generated every second: checks in stores, video from surveillance cameras, Internet traffic, publications in the media and in social networks. The collection and storage of such volumes of information imposes large financial expenses on companies. However, the simple storage of such disparate and unrelated information does not bring any financial benefits to companies, but only increases the items of expenditure.

In order to ensure that all collected information brought profit to companies and helped in the development of business, many market participants introduce into their organizations systems for processing large amounts of information of the Big Data class. These systems are specially designed to analyze all incoming information and search, seemingly not obvious, links of all data. Based on the information received, companies will be able to track the development of the business, or to see the beginning of a recession in certain directions and take the right actions in time, so that the business always brings profit.

What allows data analysis

  • Simplify the processing of incoming information from various sources and its rapid processing.
  • Reducing the cost of processing and storing all information.
  • Increase the reliability and diversity of the reports produced by seeing all the data simultaneously.
  • To build forecasts of business development in real time.
The application of Big Data in various business sectors

Trading Companies
Will help companies create personalized offers for each of their customers. This solution will be offered on the basis of several sources of information: site behavior, purchase history, participation in company shares, customer loyalty to the company. Obtained data on purchases, companies will be able to build their plans in the long term and make predictions for the future.

Telecom companies based on Big Data technology will be able to analyze their subscribers, identify the relationships between them, segment them and make special offers for each segment.

Financial organizations
Companies of this type can monitor the transfer of their customers in real time and identify cases of fraudulent nature. Also, for each client, based on his financial operations, you can prepare a special offer and offer it directly while working with a bank product.

Utilities and engineering services
Using information from service consumption counters, companies can make predictions for the future for the formation of long-term resource purchases. Also, the data will help optimize all costs for maintenance and upgrading of equipment.