Power Rangers vs Frankenstein: tips for Smart Software Management

Achieving great results with 50+ integrations

Do you remember Frankenstein (who is obviously a Frankenstein’s monster to be precise)? He was designed as a perfect creature. He meant to be beautiful, loyal and extraordinary. Well, it worked only with the last one. Same story for software management.

Most of our customers have from 50 to 250 various cloud based software used in a company. Most commonly it is a CRM system synchronized with banking, support, planning and reporting apps, etc. We believe business intentions are always pure: you want an efficient and smart workflow, the data to be all stored in order and your employees to use every given tool to deliver the highest performance. But usually it means the opposite: keeping a focused and intensive control on business processes just like Atlas holds the Sky. 

On the other hand, we may refer to Power Rangers as a good example of how well balanced parts can enhance synergistic effect on the whole thing. 

Here is a tips list to ensure you are empowered by your software environment not the other way around.  

    • Involve and engage your team into developing, implementing and upgrade processes (citizen development). 
    • Therefore, keep focus on people-related aspects.
    • Do a periodical health-check to avoid disconnect between IT and business.
    • Ensure you use the exact maximum features you require.
    • Rationalize and save costs on licenses you don’t have benefits of. 
    • Master your data and automate the provisioning process. 
    • Plan your updates in advance. 
    • Ensure the processes and applications are not duplicated. 
    • Enable the continuous delivery and improvement. 
    • Do smart backups. 
    • Search for new cloud platforms, development technologies and AI services.

Boston SoftDesign team has built hundreds of application scenarios and delivers a smart IT ecosystem to its customers. As a result, our customers managed to save billions of dollars on technologies. 

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