BSD Insights: 6 reasons to invest in integrations in 2021.

The new reality we lived through in 2020 affected business in many ways and forced business owners to the necessary transformation. 

We’ve analyzed the cases of the Boston SoftDesign Integration Systems Department during 2020 and highlighted the main reasons why system integrations and processes automation have become more popular than ever.

  1. 1. Work from home posed security challenges for many companies. It starts with using personal devices at home and it moves to monitoring the activities and employee KPI during the day. Integrating modern tools for tracking personnel can significantly mitigate security risks.   
  2. 2. The necessity of reengineering most administrative work has also offered an opportunity to revise the existing processes and implement modern and more flexible tools (Onboarding/Off-boarding automation, Assets Management automation, to name a few) 
  3. 3. Saving costs on far-reaching IT solutions. We believe that building connectors within existing systems instead of cumbersome or time-consuming integrations/solutions can create and automate many Business Processes as simple as LEGO. 
  4. 4. Meeting digital and operational autonomy in remote workplaces has become a priority for many companies in 2020.   
  5. 5. Personnel reduction has caused various actions to be automated and performed on the software side.
  6. 6. Digitization of paper and transformation of the paper-based workflow. Working from home resulted in the need to significantly reduce paper workflow. Integrating document processing services into one’s business system keeps remote workflow both fully operational and automized 

Boston SoftDesign specializes in building automated workflows connecting various software products used in the company to increase business efficiency. 

Our experience enables us to offer both modern platform-based and customized solutions to our customers.

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