Workato Integration Services

Workato, a Leader in the Gartner Enterprise iPaaS Report, is a new generation of Integration and AI-driven automation platform. It enables you to integrate the applications across the entire enterprise to automate the workflows empowering innovation across your business while ensuring security and governance. BSD Integration Services team has an extencive library of ready-to-use Workato recipes created to get you up and running with Workato automation in a few hours.

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  • Integration between eCommerce web-site and SAP via Workato (Validation, requests to RFCs)
  • Integration between Zuora and SAP via Workato
    • Invoices and Credit Memos transferring
    • Payment submission
  • Unidirectional integration between Zuora and Cognos via Workato (Reporting System)

  • Unidirectional integration between internal customer Third party system and SAP via Workato (Orders transferring)

  • Integration between SFTP location and SAP FTP location via Workato (POs and Invoices)

  • Integration between SFDC and SAP via Workato (Orders creation, Acknowledgments sending)
  • Integration between financial services (Wells Fargo) and SAP (Payments, Lockboxes, Acknowledgments) (with encryption/decryption)

  • Integration between Mail Box and SAP via Workato (Part of approval workflow)

Informatica Cloud

Informatica Practice Highlights
  • Expertise with Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT) experience along with REST and SOAP web services
  • Expertise in integrating multiple cloud applications (Salesforce, NetSuite, Zuora, Tagetik) using Informatica Cloud Services (ICS).
  • Expertise in building Datawarehouse according to the Ralph Kimball concept
  • Strong expertise in troubleshooting , data reconciliation, data cleansing
  • Informatica Cloud performance tuning expertise
  • Preparing POC/ Assisting with POC
  • Expertise in the estimation efforts for Informatica cloud projects.
Experience Examples
  • NetSuite to Tagetik Integration using Informatica Cloud

Batch integration process designed for integration of NetSuite transaction and YTD accounts balance from NetSuite to Tagetik. Integration can be performed in both Incremental and Full modes and performs all necessary data conversion and pre-aggregation. As additional feature designed the NetSuite custom page for integration process, which allows choosing the month and year for calculating YTD balance for accounts and allows to trigger the integration process directly from NetSuite using REST API call to Informatica.

  • Salesforce to Salesforce real time synchronization project using Informatica Cloud

This project was done using Informatica Cloud Real Time and designed for real time synchronizations of Contacts, Accounts and Lead between two Salesforce organizations. Within the process designed data cleaning and data transformations according to business rules and requirements. The interaction with Salesforce is done through a standard connector for Informatica and through the Rest and SOAP API’s, with availability of expanding and adding new objects.

  • Business Critical Application Data Store Project

The goal of the BCADS Project was to consolidate data from business-critical applications in one database. The sources of the data were widely known cloud services (Salesforce, Zuora) and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The ETL process was performed using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Informatica Cloud. Informatica Cloud was used for data extraction from cloud services because it provides advanced REST/SOAP API features.

Dell Boomi

Connect all you applications and systems using Dell Boomi integration platform. We have experience building enterprise-grade solutions based on Dell Boomi iPaaS!

BSD Integration Services Team help customers to get the most out of their iPaaS platform, by providing best integration practices to build an automated business processes and drive digital transformation.

Boomi Modules
  • Boomi B2B/EDI Integrations
  • Boomi API Management
  • Boomi Enterprise Connectivity
  • Boomi Web Services Enablement
Experience Examples
  • Integration between NetSuite and internal customer third party system via Boomi
  • Unidirectional integration between Zoura and SAP via Boomi
  • Integration between SAP and SFTP via Boomi
  • Unidirectional integration between PRM and SAP via Dell Boomi
  • Unidirectional integration from Oracle EBS to SFDC for below objects:
    • Oracle Accounts
    • Oracle Account Relationship
    • Oracle Bill-To and Ship To Sites
    • Oracle Territory Records
  • SFDC to Oracle EBS integration and ongoing support

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  • Our certified specialists offer comprehensive services, in cloud technologies and full-cycle technical services, provide troubleshooting, problem solving
  • High expertise in the industry, including cloud and social networks
  • Expertise in corporate CRM and non-CRM applications on using Apex Code, VisualForce and other technologies
  • Implementing and developing, Configuring applications in SFDC (transition to SFDC migration), applications
  • Complex integration using REST, SOAP, metadata API and ETL tools (Informatica, Informatica Cloud and others)

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Administration experience

  • Collect requirements and perform configuration changes, including defining Workflow, Saved Searches and setting up standard objects or creating new ones.
  • Configure reports, e-mail templates, saved searches, layouts, forms to improve ease of use of the system
  • Data integrity and manipulation tasks, such as combining duplicate records
  • Downloading and modifying data and bulk data migration using various data migration tools
  • Functional support and maintenance of the overall system configuration

Development experience

  • Development of SuiteScript, both 1.0 and 2.0:
    • Client Scripts
    • Map / Reduce scripts
    • Mass update scripts
    • Portlet Scripts
    • RESTlet Scripts
    • Scheduled scripts
    • Suitelet Scripts
    • Workflows
  • Translation of user requirements of various complexity into functional and manageable software
  • Developing business flows with Workflows, SuiteScripts
  • Integration with external services and systems (REST, SOAP, etc.)
  • Maintenance of documentation for the use of the application, the new code and the provision of training material
  • Perform code validation, data configuration to ensure viability and integrity


Administration experience

  • Application monitoring:
    SARM, FDR, component logging, Audit Trail, IIS Advanced Logging, etc.
  • Configuring Load Balancing
  • Working with Fault Tolerance
  • Performance Tuning
  • Configure Domain Authorization and SSO
  • Creating and configuring new components
  • Cloning of the medium
  • Configuring application and database backup. Tracking the execution process, checking backups.
  • Install the necessary updates, patches for the application and database. Maintain the environment in the current state.
  • Conducting an assessment of the state of the environment. Elimination of detected problems application of recommendations.
  • Implementation of a system for monitoring (monitoring) the state of the environment. Timely detection and elimination of problems in the application. (falls, critical errors, performance problems)
  • Implementation of startup and shutdown automation scripts.
  • Estimating and freeing up disk space. The implementation of scripts to automate the cleaning of log files and temporary files.
  • Maintenance of detailed environmental documentation and maintenance of its current status.

Development experience

  • Interface development and automation of business logic. Automation of existing business processes and implementation of new ones (Workflow, Task, Smartscript), scripting (VB, eScript, JS).
  • Customization of the application in OpenUI mode with support and implementation compatibility on High Interactivity.
  • Integration with third-party systems: any integration including the introduction of telephony (Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk). Technologies: SOAP web services, JMS MQ, HTTP, JSON, file system level integration, dbink integration on the dbink level, embedding of external web content in Siebel screens.
  • Data Migration: EIM, self-written solutions on PL / SQL, SQL Loader, Import Object

Machine Learning

What is the Technology?

Artificial Intelligence technology has long been used by many companies, especially in the direction of service. In addition, artificial intelligence can be used in all spheres of human life. We often hear that the next robot with artificial intelligence has surpassed the achievements of man. Some even frighten such developments. The truth is, understanding the technology of Artificial Intelligence is not such a bad thing. In reality, it is very useful.

BSD provides cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development services and solutions to the businesses of a different scale, from startups to enterprises. We offer our clients services for mastering and implementing a specific technology in artificial intelligence – machine learning.

For a visual understanding of what machine learning technology is, we will give an example of traffic jams while driving. The busyness of each section of the road is affected by a large number of factors: location, season, weather forecast, the number of accidents, time of day and much more. It is very difficult for a person to compare these factors and make a prediction. Only machine learning technologies bring together diverse data and, on the basis of this, make predictions that can be as precise as possible for a particular solution.

What we offer

  • Analyzing large amounts of data
  • The application of modern methods of machine learning
  • Construction of AD-HOC assays
  • Visualization of research results
  • Cluster analysis
  • Construction of predictive models
  • Collection of data from various sources, building datasets
  • Development of scoring models
  • Monitoring the quality of models

For one of our current customers, we successfully conducted an order analysis to optimize the location of the goods in the warehouse. The implemented recommendations allowed to significantly reduce the time of order assembling and reduce the costs for the maintenance of warehouses.

We successfully developed and implemented a recommendation system based on the analysis of user habits for a large online retailer.


Blockchain technology

Global development of new technologies for blocking has begun. The effectiveness of this technology was recognized at the highest level. Many governments of developed countries are already implementing developments based on this technology. New platforms are being developed, various products and services are being created, new usage scenarios are being tried, and most importantly, there are new areas of application of blocking technology.

The technology of blocking is used in such operations, where the guarantee of their confirmation is required, the safety of the entire history and complete confidentiality. This is ensured by the use of encryption facilities and the distributed storage of a single operation registry of operations on all client nodes.

Our company offers both full-fledged product development, based on Blockchain technology, and the participation of our specialists, as part of a large development team of Blockchain.

What we offer

  • Integration with trading of Blockchain platforms
  • Creating integration with external services (platforms, exchanges, terminals)
  • Development and audit of smart contracts
  • Creation of ICO site, technical organization / consulting for carrying out “crowdsale”
  • Creation of systems based on Ethereum

We successfully implemented and launched several ICO projects, implemented several projects related to smart contracts, we also participate as a technical team in the project to create a proprietary blockbuster.

Big Data Solutions

What is Big Data?

In today’s world, a large amount of data and information is generated every second: checks in stores, video from surveillance cameras, Internet traffic, publications in the media and in social networks. The collection and storage of such volumes of information imposes large financial expenses on companies. However, the simple storage of such disparate and unrelated information does not bring any financial benefits to companies, but only increases the items of expenditure.

In order to ensure that all collected information brought profit to companies and helped in the development of business, many market participants introduce into their organizations systems for processing large amounts of information of the Big Data class. These systems are specially designed to analyze all incoming information and search, seemingly not obvious, links of all data. Based on the information received, companies will be able to track the development of the business, or to see the beginning of a recession in certain directions and take the right actions in time, so that the business always brings profit.

What allows data analysis

  • Simplify the processing of incoming information from various sources and its rapid processing.
  • Reducing the cost of processing and storing all information.
  • Increase the reliability and diversity of the reports produced by seeing all the data simultaneously.
  • To build forecasts of business development in real time.

The application of Big Data in various business sectors

Trading Companies
Will help companies create personalized offers for each of their customers. This solution will be offered on the basis of several sources of information: site behavior, purchase history, participation in company shares, customer loyalty to the company. Obtained data on purchases, companies will be able to build their plans in the long term and make predictions for the future.

Telecom companies based on Big Data technology will be able to analyze their subscribers, identify the relationships between them, segment them and make special offers for each segment.

Financial organizations
Companies of this type can monitor the transfer of their customers in real time and identify cases of fraudulent nature. Also, for each client, based on his financial operations, you can prepare a special offer and offer it directly while working with a bank product.

Utilities and engineering services
Using information from service consumption counters, companies can make predictions for the future for the formation of long-term resource purchases. Also, the data will help optimize all costs for maintenance and upgrading of equipment.

Database Audit Services

Get a considerable return from your investment in Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL Databases with BSD Database Audit Service. Optimize your Oracle and Microsoft license investment. Tune long-running SQL Queries and leverage our experience to reduce cost and eliminate risk to your business.

We will be happy to perform an audit of your Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL instances. Our experts work in close collaboration with your teams, rather than in a bubble. As a result, the Database Audit report will deliver actionable insight and analysis we can use to proactively ensure that your enterprise workloads running on business-critical databases are as efficient as possible.

What we offer
  • Database audit
  • Security audit
  • Backup, disaster recovery and failover
  • Performance audit
  • Audit service regulations

Based on the audit results, the customer receives a consolidated report on the current status of the DBMS, a set of recommendations, and a well-developed roadmap for optimizing the operation of databases.

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