Storage system

Our services
  • Implementation or significant expansion of server virtualization;
  • Develop a backup and restore policy;
  • Consolidation of existing systems;
  • Create multiple copies of data;
  • Optimize the backup process to increase the speed;
  • Installation and configuration;
  • Virtualization of systems;

Cloud services

BSD offers a full range of managed support services for cloud infrastructure from strategy and design to implementation, ongoing monitoring, and management.

We work with world leaders in cloud technologies: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud.

In virtue of multi-cloud experience BSD Infrastructure Engineers can choose the most suitable cloud platform for your business, which will best answer the present and the planned future of your IT environment as well as your expected implementation or migration timeline and dedicated budget.

Cloud Migrations
BSD team can help to migrate your existing applications and systems to the cloud from anywhere. We leveraging Infrastructure as a Code approach for initial setup and ongoing management. 

24/7/365 Cloud Managed Services
BSD Managed Monitoring and Technical Support Services provides comprehensive management and proactive monitoring of cloud infrastructure and applications, letting your developers and engineers focus on building revenue-generating functions within your business.

  • 24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring with proper alerting and thresholds;
  • Round the clock NOC and Technical Teams available for Tier 1 – Tier 3 support 
  • Proper environment health visibility with Log Management, APM and Dashboarding; 
  • Cloud optimization and automation;
  • Support Quality Analysis, KPI and reporting

Migration to the cloud not only provides exceptional flexibility and scalability but also can lead to significant cost savings. By leveraging the latest technologies and knowing the benefits of the specific cloud platform we help our customers to reduce the spend and create a cloud cost optimization strategy.  BSD Cloud Management Utility can help with the reporting on the actual resource usage to ensure that your cloud spend is productive and efficient. 

First-line support & Intelligent monitoring

The first-line support provides 24-hour monitoring of the availability and condition of the entire infrastructure or its individual components. Ensuring the continuity of your business and 99.99% uptime of your services. Moreover, providing valuable data for your development team or system audit.

Designing the Monitoring Solution
We can navigate you through the world of multiple monitoring approaches and technologies. Our team implements the detailed assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, its needs and constraints. Relying on the results of this investigation, we design a unique monitoring solution with the architecture, technology stack and operational processes that will best answer the present and the planned future of your IT environment.

Easy and Fast Implementation
For many years, we have accumulated a unique extensive library of monitoring templates and run-books, which allows us to react proactively and ensure we know about the issue before it will result in customer-facing impact. Above all, we should have enough time to react and prevent the failure.

Quality Analysis
We conduct a regular analysis of all the incidents and alerts. Identifying and eliminating the root cause of deviations from the norm, thereby excluding the possibility of repeated failure in the operation of the systems.

Monitoring systems
  • Datadog
  • HP Sitescope
  • ELK
  • Splunk
  • OPM
  • PRTG
  • Solarwinds
  • Nagios
  • Zabbix
  • Amazon CloudWatch
Support services
  • Customer Support 24x7x365
  • Monitoring of IT systems
  • Proactive IT system support
  • Incident Management
  • Communication with all departments of the company
  • Active support in accordance with SLA
  • Continous KPI analysis and reporting

BSD 24/7/365 first-line support & monitoring service can be combined with our other managed services, depending on your specific needs.

IT Consulting Services

The team at BSD has over a decade of experience creating business value in various IT fields. Ranging from Databases and Applications to Infrastructure. From day-to-day IT managed services to migrations. Our proven strategic IT consulting, monitoring and support services are ideal for all of your company’s software and infrastructure, system migrations, audits, and upgrades. The opportunity to work with an external consulting and managed support partner like BSD, will provide your business with a different lens on potential problems, possible cost savings that our team can work to resolve, implement and perfect.

Our IT consulting and services offerings include:

Let us be your personal IT Managed Services provider and trusted consultant, always ready to offload your internal teams from daily routine or assist with a smooth cloud migration adopting DevOps and automation.

BSD IT Consulting services bring value to all your Technology Functions making IT easy for you!

Interested in learning more? Contact BSD today to speak with an expert.