Boston SoftDesign announces a partnership with Orderful

BOSTON, Mass. – Aug 6, 2021 – Boston SoftDesign announces a new partnership with Orderful, a leading cloud EDI platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and technology companies. Today, the company’s growing pre-connected network provides access to thousands of retailers, manufacturers, carriers, distributors, and 3PLs. 

EDI integrations at scale were always challenging. It starts with a variety of EDI formats and specifications when your partner may not understand the format you are using; Complicated error handling to maintain data quality; Maintaining Real-time EDI exchange while the growing data volumes; Security requirements; … you name it. 

With Orderful, you can now simply connect your business once to their Cloud EDI Platform and trade EDI with your network without the usual headaches.

“It’s amazing how Orderful can address all those challenges and bring EDI integrations to the next level. We saw it in action when BSD team had built 3PL automation using Orderful cloud EDI platform for one of our clients. With decades of ERP experience providing functional and implementation services for Oracle ERP and Oracle Netsuite, Boston SoftDesign together with Orderful can help customers gain efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce costs.” – Director of Customer Operations Maxim Kovalskiy says.

Boston SoftDesign wins Workato Partner Award 2021

BOSTON, Mass. – May 17, 2021 — Boston SoftDesign, a trusted worldwide IT service provider, has been announced as a winner of the Workato Partner Award. Workato Partner Summit is an annual event, this year it is preceded by the first Automate conference, an online event that focuses on best automation practices presented by visionaries and practitioners from leading companies: Slack, Atlassian, HubSpot, Zendesk, coupa, etc. 

The award distinguishes Boston SoftDesign as one of the leading systems integrators for Workato solutions and the delivery of integration and automation solutions. Boston SoftDesign was selected as the winner in the Service Excellence category and recognized for its work with Workato customers on process automation excellence.

Earlier this year Boston SoftDesign has become Workato Gold Partner.

Workato is Gartner Magic Quadrant iPaaS solution leader and 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Enterprise iPaaS winner. Workato is the only enterprise automation platform that enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate even the most mission-critical workflows without compromising security and governance. Workato is trusted by over 6,000 of the world’s top brands and fastest growing innovators. 

Want to try Workato? Start exploring its amazing features with a trusted partner. 

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iPaaS Comparison 2021: Insights from the Managed Service Provider

We’ve already collected some thoughts on integration as a great business investment before. In 2021, when companies are getting full benefits of digital transformation it is time to maximize its potential. And it is clear that the organizations are now seeing more and more opportunities for iPaaS and confidently extending this tool to an increasingly large scale.

It has become a pretty common task for us to help our customers with the solution discovery process identifying the best iPaaS platform for them based on their needs.

BSD preliminary analysis covers the following factors:

  • the scale and use cases itself
  • applications/systems involved in the business processes
  • strategic goals expected to be achieved 
  • customer’s in-house experience and practice in integration areas
  • assessment of the scope not only from the implementation perspective but also from the ongoing maintenance standpoint.

Though we usually analyze many factors contributing to the right decision, this material is intended to collect the main differentiators of the most popular platforms/ the platforms we use the most.


Mulesoft – is a widely used Integration Platform that combines SaaS and Enterprise applications in the Cloud. Being one of the market leaders Mulesoft has proven itself as a powerful and flexible tool. Although Mulesoft has improved its UI capabilities dramatically over the years, we still see its true power can be delivered through the code. It’s a perfect solution for companies with a strong software development organization and a defined software development lifecycle practices. But the “power through the code” usually being paid off with a slower time to value. 

Soon after the acquisition by SalesForce, it became the only integration solution embedded in the Salesforce UI. And since then Mulesoft continues to grow around SalesForce Customer 360 ecosystem.

Mulesoft pure API-led approach reveals its most vulnerable place: not everything has to be an API.

Last but not least, Mulesoft implementation still requires heavy coding which can be challenging even for experienced teams. 


“power of the code”

Full control for the performance tuning from both code and computing resource perspectives

Strong API management capabilities

Pre-built templates and connectors


Slower time to market

Requires strong development team for implementation and ongoing support


Boomi – is clearly one of the oldest UI-driven players on the market. It started as an on-premise integration platform further adopted to SaaS. And it has been adapting to market needs successfully and constantly for more than 20 years so far. Continuing to compete with more modern tools Boomi is still one of the leaders in the iPaaS market. Its ability to provide a unified user experience as well as its market traction ensures that customers continue to come back again and again.  

However, Boomi suffers from bad and limited dashboarding. It is hard to track and see deployed and scheduled processes. Besides, poor error reporting and troubleshooting capabilities complicate the development process and significantly increases the implementation time.


UI-driven/low-code development

Comprehensive support documentation

Faster time to value comparing with Mulesoft


Logging- with complicated use-cases it requires developers to plan the logging properly to improve maintainability and simplify troubleshooting during the ongoing support

Poor dashboarding and reporting

Complicated pricing model


Workato – a cloud-native platform with a revolutionary approach that requires zero operational footprint. In many ways, Workato’s appearance has influenced the future development of the entire market. Its ability to build automation at any scale, Robust and Smart Data Pipelines powered by ETL/ELT, and native features for orchestration fully justify its recent win of Customer Choice Award (according to Gartner)

One more nice thing about Workato is it always offers you multiple options, thus you don’t have to worry you miss anything with choosing this platform. No matter what types of applications you use, no matter what technical background you have. It offers data synchronization of any volume and speed.


SaaS native – the platform scales for you

Transparent pricing model – buy recipes, not connectors or computing resource

Strong ETL/ELT capabilities

Advanced logging and self-healing with RecipeOps


Constantly changing interface

With a low-code approach and simplicity, you still need to have proper governance in place to make sure your citizen developers are following the best practices and standards

iPaaS according to Gartner

Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant (MQ) report presents the vendors of Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service field.

As per Gartner’s MQ 2020 Mulesoft, Boomi, and Workato, three of them are marked on the leaders’ sector which we can’t help but agree with. 

As an obvious automation trend, we see how new solutions appear every year. On the other hand, the market leaders are consolidating their positions by continuing to offer customers smart and elegant solutions in the field of data management and business processes optimization. 

Which of these or many other platforms will work the best for your business? Boston SoftDesign will be happy to explore. Our focus on optimizing production processes, increasing profitability, and enhancing customer experiences through intelligent automation helps to deliver true value to businesses of any type and size.

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Scared of Customization?

Configuration or Customization

searching for the right approach

When an IT service provider or professional integrator enters into the project you expect to get the maximum from your software and achieve the highest business values from it. However, each SaaS or on-prem product is just a number of bricks when the house is to be built. When the time comes to develop flows, automation, and dependencies a process usually called customization starts.

Here are 3 myths about customization we hear buzzing in a software world:

  • Each company business processes are unique therefore it is essential to customize your software
  • Customization is costly 
  • Customization means you are locked to a vendor or service provider

Before busting them down let’s dive into terminology. In IT area 

configuring means using native tools to meet the company’s specific requirements

and customization is a modification that usually requires custom coding and/or some form of special implementation.

So, will you receive sufficient results from the product that is configured, not customized? If that’s the right product – sure. Will it perfectly fit your company’s business processes – probably not. 

First configuration than customization. You choose spices after the main course is decided, right? Use the same approach for IT purposes. The structure and logic always go first. And if something important is missing, go ahead and add it.

Don’t ignore native objects or items. Reinventing the wheel may cause disability for scale in the future. End-users may get confused if something is called different in a purchased system but it definitely does not mean you should create new elements when they exist already.

Out-of-the-box solutions and extensions are out there, created by someone else already. Software companies thrive to provide as many “ready to implement” solutions as there could be from many perspectives:

By industry (Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Media, Financial services, etc) 

By business org(Salesforce for CRM, Netsuite for ERP, Workday for HRIS and Finance, ServiceNow for ITSM, etc) 

By business process (quote to cash, Configure Price Quote, order management, identity, and access management, etc)

That means it is already developed and tested and may fit your needs.

Seems like customization is something you should avoid, isn’t it?

Well, no.

Even though it requires some additional resources at the beginning it might be lucrative in the longer term. In some way configuring a product is more vendor block than customizing. If you are planning to migrate from one system to another someday be prepared to develop many processes from scratch. It’s always recommended to define business flows without a strict attachment to the tool.

Boston SoftDesign offers the best of both approaches. For more than 2 decades we’ve been expanding our expertise helping our clients to meet complex business demands without the risks that often come with development, configuration, and customization.

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Power Rangers vs Frankenstein: tips for Smart Software Management

Achieving great results with 50+ integrations

Do you remember Frankenstein (who is obviously a Frankenstein’s monster to be precise)? He was designed as a perfect creature. He meant to be beautiful, loyal and extraordinary. Well, it worked only with the last one. Same story for software management.

Most of our customers have from 50 to 250 various cloud based software used in a company. Most commonly it is a CRM system synchronized with banking, support, planning and reporting apps, etc. We believe business intentions are always pure: you want an efficient and smart workflow, the data to be all stored in order and your employees to use every given tool to deliver the highest performance. But usually it means the opposite: keeping a focused and intensive control on business processes just like Atlas holds the Sky. 

On the other hand, we may refer to Power Rangers as a good example of how well balanced parts can enhance synergistic effect on the whole thing. 

Here is a tips list to ensure you are empowered by your software environment not the other way around.  

    • Involve and engage your team into developing, implementing and upgrade processes (citizen development). 
    • Therefore, keep focus on people-related aspects.
    • Do a periodical health-check to avoid disconnect between IT and business.
    • Ensure you use the exact maximum features you require.
    • Rationalize and save costs on licenses you don’t have benefits of. 
    • Master your data and automate the provisioning process. 
    • Plan your updates in advance. 
    • Ensure the processes and applications are not duplicated. 
    • Enable the continuous delivery and improvement. 
    • Do smart backups. 
    • Search for new cloud platforms, development technologies and AI services.

Boston SoftDesign team has built hundreds of application scenarios and delivers a smart IT ecosystem to its customers. As a result, our customers managed to save billions of dollars on technologies. 

It is great if you want the same result. The best way to get that is to click to the form below and send us your details.

BSD Insights: 6 reasons to invest in integrations in 2021.

The new reality we lived through in 2020 affected business in many ways and forced business owners to the necessary transformation. 

We’ve analyzed the cases of the Boston SoftDesign Integration Systems Department during 2020 and highlighted the main reasons why system integrations and processes automation have become more popular than ever.

  1. 1. Work from home posed security challenges for many companies. It starts with using personal devices at home and it moves to monitoring the activities and employee KPI during the day. Integrating modern tools for tracking personnel can significantly mitigate security risks.   
  2. 2. The necessity of reengineering most administrative work has also offered an opportunity to revise the existing processes and implement modern and more flexible tools (Onboarding/Off-boarding automation, Assets Management automation, to name a few) 
  3. 3. Saving costs on far-reaching IT solutions. We believe that building connectors within existing systems instead of cumbersome or time-consuming integrations/solutions can create and automate many Business Processes as simple as LEGO. 
  4. 4. Meeting digital and operational autonomy in remote workplaces has become a priority for many companies in 2020.   
  5. 5. Personnel reduction has caused various actions to be automated and performed on the software side.
  6. 6. Digitization of paper and transformation of the paper-based workflow. Working from home resulted in the need to significantly reduce paper workflow. Integrating document processing services into one’s business system keeps remote workflow both fully operational and automized 

Boston SoftDesign specializes in building automated workflows connecting various software products used in the company to increase business efficiency. 

Our experience enables us to offer both modern platform-based and customized solutions to our customers.

Get started on building your integrations together with BSD by contacting us via email at

Boston SoftDesign and Workato announce partnership to provide customers new implementation capabilities for application integrations and IT workflow automation


BOSTON, Mass. – Jun 22, 2020 — Boston SoftDesign, an IT company offering enterprise remote IT management solutions, software development, strategic consulting, and much more, today announced that they are a Workato Silver Partner. This partnership with Workato, the leading Enterprise Automation platform, will provide customers new implementation capabilities for application integrations and IT workflow automation. The partnership comes after working closely on various collaborations with a mutual customer and achieving success in accelerating IT workflows and automation at scale.  

“Boston SoftDesign brings deep integration expertise to their many enterprise customers and Workato is excited to help enable agile and fast implementation of integrations at these orgs,” said Markus Zirn, VP of Business Development at Workato. “BSD came into their first Workato project with no experience using the platform, and they were able to meet an aggressive timeline and deliver amazing results for our mutual customer.”

Boston SoftDesign is focused on optimizing production processes, increasing profitability, and enhancing customer experiences through intelligent automation and Workato is the ideal platform to enable these goals. As a Managed Service Provider and Development company, Boston SoftDesign provides skills and solutions in various technologies complementing Workato’s low-code Intelligent Automation capabilities.

“In our first project with Workato, all project targets were achieved and all stages/implementations were delivered in time or even beforehand. Together, Boston SoftDesign and Workato can help various organizations bring a vision to reality with in-depth knowledge and extensive automation experience to drive business growth and increasing efficiency,” said Ilya Prudovsky, COO at Boston SoftDesign.  

About Boston SoftDesign:

Boston SoftDesign is an independent managed services provider headquartered in the Greater-Boston area. They are the trusted IT partner for a number of well-known clients worldwide, bringing the technical and professional experience to help elevate operational efficiency.

About Workato:

Workato is the operating system for today’s fast-moving business. Recognized as a leader by Gartner and Forrester, it is the only intelligent automation platform that enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate even the most mission-critical workflows without compromising security and governance. Workato is trusted by over 6,000 of the world’s top brands and fastest-growing innovators. For more information, visit