Operations Manager

REQUIREMENTS: At least a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management or related field;


  • Education: BA/BS in Business Administration, Management or equivalent. Foreign equivalent is accepted;
  • Proven ability to manage subordinate employees/teams;
  • Strong knowledge of the IT services;
  • Proven ability to provide IT project management;
  • Strong knowledge of ITIL;
  • Ability to implement SLA/OLA;
  • Strong knowledge of the following software is required: Oracle BI, Jira ServiceDesk, Confluence, Trello, BPMN and Miro.
  • Ability to identify, analyze, research, and remedy potential problems that customers may encounter;
  • Ability to provide customer support and conduct negotiations with current and future customers;
  • Proven knowledge of creating KBs;

Job Duties:

  • IT Project Management;
  • IT Team Management, which includes setting tasks, assigning tasks, managing tasks and monitoring execution;
  • Monitoring the implementation of SLA/OLA;
  • Work on ITIL;
  • Analyze and assess potential IT issues, determine solutions and assign tasks to the appropriate IT team;
  • Ongoing communication with key clients;
  • IT Development: control of the assign work load, ensuring that the assigned deadlines are met, risk management and assessment;
  • Distribution of the resources on certain IT projects;
  • Staying up to date on current technologies and trends;
  • Creating KB;
  • Conduct training and work evaluations of the subordinate employees to determine level of technical skills and suggest improvements when necessary;
  • Allocate resources for development and implementation of the business processes;
  • Automation of the existing procedures;
  • Participation in the development of the company and in the development of the strategic and tactical plans;
  • Facilitate interactions between internal departments;
  • Conduct technical and administrative interviews;
  • Develop financial and non-material motivations and set achievable goals;



CONTACT: Send resume to Ludmila Leiter at 233 Needham St., Ste. 402, Newton, MA 02464 or email mila@bostonsd.com.