Things every company should consider when choosing MSP

Managed Service Providers – MSP – are the solution for both complex and routine IT infrastructure challenges. They usually provide a wide range of services of the following areas:

  • data management 
  • software management 
  • IT security 
  • cloud management 
  • network management and support

MSP can take care of the routine monitoring of your infrastructure and provide round-the-clock management. Therefore your in-house IT team may focus on other projects and priorities.

It may seem that Managed Service Providers are more applicable to the reality of enterprise-level companies. 

However, MSP is in great demand among small-medium companies. And this is why. 

First of all, the IT status quo (let’s call it that) is higher than ever. The average tech stack of a small company rarely contains less than 10-15 tools and/or apps. Due to the usual lack of human resources, these apps are to be set and integrated the most efficient way. Besides, it is unprofitable for small companies to keep their own specialists for all appearing IT tasks.  Secondly, Smb’s are easily targeted as cyberattack victims. According to the report, 43% of SMB owners have no cybersecurity defense plan in place at all. That is a frightening statistic, considering that most security threats become disruptive for business.  

A well-chosen MSP in many respects can guarantee the predictability of the business processes’ results. The best partners are great advisors, they understand how to optimize solutions and help to boost customer’s productivity. 

We consolidate both our own twenty years of experience as a managed service provider and modern trends and requirements and prepared a list of important aspects you should consider when choosing a managed service provider.

1. Flexibility

Think of your partner as of extension to your own team. Always on time, supportive and proactive – your partner should be flexible enough to integrate with your team seamlessly. Whatever are your requirements: the procedures, the reporting, and the routine – a great partner will easily adapt to start showing its value.

2. The root cause orientation.

 The traditional break-fix model is far from sufficiency. Your plan is to hire a partner that knows how to implement technology to improve every aspect of your business and has the expertise to make it happen, not the one that simply fixes issues as they occur without ever looking at the bigger picture.

3. 24/7/365 can be a critical point.

As well as the ability to scale. Every business strives to improve its own performance and expand. And this particularly is a win-win situation for both the MSP and the customer. On the one hand, the MSP can offer wider expertise and more services for the customer to buy. On the other hand, you continue to work with a partner who knows your business well, has the same strategic look at the business processes, and is ready to support you proactively with a vast skill set of its specialists. 

IT managed service providers are in demand among companies of any industry and size. Picking the right one can be a challenge. A great partner will guide you through best practices and save you from many mistakes that may cost you a lot in the future.

Boston SoftDesign team will be happy to explore the IT needs and requirements you expect to meet with your future managed service provider. We help our customers to be truly data-driven and strive to deliver the best practices on the market.  

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