Professional services


Integration, development and support

  • Customized solutions that help transition your company to a specific cloud based system
  • Focus on your business instead of spending time and money on computer infrastructure
  • Full monitoring of all public/private/hybrid cloud systems: 24/7/365
  • Lower costs significantly
  • Added Functionality
  • Improved manageability and less maintenance
  • Quicker response to security threats
  • Ensure fast availability of data and applications
  • Cloud Platforms:
  • Azure

      Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft. It is used for building, testing, managing, and deploying applications and services through a Microsoft based system. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

      Ready to make the change to Azure?

      BSD trained professionals will help your business make a seamless transition from your current system to Azure. Our services allow you to build and manage business-critical applications. Our experts will help you tailor to your specifications to create a custom plan for any size business model. Keeping costs low and efficiency high is our goal.

      Technicians will be on call 24/7 to help build and maintain the most effective system for your business. We will migrate your current environment to any of the public/private/hybrid solutions that Azure offers. With Azure managed services at your fingertips, you can access your business applications for all over the world.

      Microsoft Azure is a trusted solution with a reputation for having outstanding service level. That is why it is a trusted by most Fortune 500 companies in the world.

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  • Oracle

      Oracle Cloud is the industry's broadest and most integrated public cloud. It offers the best-in-class services across software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and lets you put Oracle Cloud in your own data center. Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

      Ready to make the change to Oracle cloud?

      BSD offers dedicated service and we are available 24/7. Whether you want to change to a new infrastructure or upgrade from an older one, we can make the necessary changes. We offer a trusted team of trained professionals who have been working with Oracle systems for many years and adjust to the ever-changing demand the company has to offer.

      Our company will provide you with the best pricing model that will help your company transition easily and reach new heights. Let us take the pressure of you and help increase productivity and reducing the risk of security issues along the way.

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  • AWS

      BSD provides the best managed services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offer our customers a top cloud infrastructure and application migration service. We can build a new environment or change an existing one to increase performance and capability. We provide full monitoring and management for our customer's hosting environments. If your business has any needs or requirements with the AWS, please reach out to the best of the best in service.

      BSD provides 24/7 monitoring of your networks and we do it at the lowest price. We will work with our clients to create customized plans/goals as you see fit. It is our goal to make sure our experts are up to date with the latest information so that you may run your business at peak efficiency.

      AWS is an frequently changing technology and we are prepared to keep up with it every step of the way.

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