Professional services

Cloud Platform Azure


  • Servers and DB migrations from on-premise to the Azure cloud
  • Azure backup and site recovery
  • Azure automation accounts
  • Azure WebApps
  • Enterprise monitoring, security, and analytics (EMS, OMS)
  • Office365 cloud and hybrid deployments
  • Azure IaaS Deployment and Administration
    • Virtual machines
    • Availability sets
    • Virtual networks
    • Storage accounts
    • Site-to-Site and Point-to-Site VPN connections
  • Cloud and Hybrid Identity
    • Azure Active Directory
  • Database-as-a-Service: Solutions, Deployment, and Administration
    • Azure SQL
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL


  • Development and deployment of OMS monitoring for cloud and On-Premise services, Azure MFA for VPN connection and Azure site recovery solution for Hyper-V VMs placed in On-Premise datacenter. Using Azure Traffic Manager profile to provide single URL for applications regardless of current VMs location (Azure or On-Premise)
  • Development of Azure site recovery solution for VMWare VMs in several datacenters. Using Azure Site-to-Site VPN for integration between On-Premise and cloud networks
  • Deployment of ADFS integration with Azure AD and Office365 for users in several AD forests
  • Development and deployment monitoring solution using Azure VMs as monitoring servers and Site-to-Site VPN connection
  • Deployment and management of automated patching solution for MS components for Azure and On-Premise servers